Advanced Services

Our smart maintenance programs guarantee uptime & bring peace of mind

Your successes are our successes too. To help you reach your goal, our Advanced Services team offers you our smart maintenance program. This very efficient program is available worldwide thanks to our dedicated and dynamic team.

Uptime & Machine Performance

Our objective is to guide you on how to best utilize the machine to maximize its capacity. Every waterjet machine answers a very specific and unique need so each machine’s maintenance needs to be adapted to your requirements.

With over 30 years’ experience using our machines in our own Advanced Production workshop, we know the most appropriate maintenance program for your needs. We have over 30 years of experience using our machines in our Advanced Production shop and that allows us to adapt our solution to meet your production needs with the most appropriate maintenance program.

Our team is able to help you manage your maintenance ensuring you can always produce continuously without unplanned stoppages.

Experts in Smart Maintenance

As experts in advanced waterjet solutions we know how to optimize uptime on our machines better than anyone. With our smart maintenance program not only do we answer your specific needs, but we also anticipate potential problems thanks to our knowledge and ability to develop well planned programs supported by an innovative technology.

Innovative Support

In this increasingly ‘connected’ world, our Advanced Services team also offers remote connection allowing you to remotely diagnose and fix your machine with our help. You become the eye of our technician who will guide you to getting your machine back up and running in no time. With this technology, you choose your degree of confidentiality. Try it today!

Predictive Maintenance

Creating our own machines for over 30 years means we know them inside out. We can advise you and plan the maintenance of your machine with you to guarantee consistent productivity. Sharing with us the number of hours the machine is being used helps us plan the most efficient maintenance program for you.

Commitment & Dedication

Throughout the life of your machine, a single dedicated point of contact provides the key information and most efficient service that you need. Your Key Account Manager gathers all the information needed to improve and better manage our services. To always cater to your needs efficiently, your Key Account Manager ensures the availability and performance of your investment over the years.


Our Advanced Services team works closely with the other departments of Aquarese to ensure that we are always up to date with the most recent technologies – allowing us to constantly adapt our offers, build up our expertise and reinforce our reliability. We maintain your machine, provide spare parts on time & ahead of time and develop an obsolescence management program.

We start from your part and continue with your success.

Aquarese is proud to be a Shape Technologies Group company, partnering with the world leaders in UHP technology to engineer and deliver the future of manufacturing process solutions.