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Our People Make the Difference

We’re proud of the advancements we’ve made in technology and our industry, but at Aquarese it’s our people that define us.

We are uniquely committed to our technology, innovation, and most importantly, to our customers.

Meet Some of Our Team


“My job is multipurpose and it feels good. It gave me the confidence to fulfil a mission for our customers in Ukraine.”

Mickaël joined Aquarese years ago via a pro-contract, and pursued his learning process in the machine construction department. Armed with determination and supported by his tutor, he has walked through the learning process, step by step, and has developed his skills over the years. Under the tutorship of his mentor, he has improved his skills and has reached new responsibilities.

“Everyone is willing to help the other to find the solutions, to show the best practices, to be more efficient and to really learn the job,” says Mickaël.

Capitalizing on each experience, Mickael has widened his competencies. Today, in addition to the installation of special machines, he manages supply orders and stocks of parts. This new management experience requires self-organisation and more initiatives than before.


“Learning more every day! Evolving in a small business grants you with some autonomy in terms of innovation and the implementation of new processes in the organization.”

After his undergraduate diploma in Mechanical engineering and Computer-integrated-manufacturing and first jobs that did not match his expectations, Nicolas answered a recruiting agency offer: industrial designer at Aquarese.

His mission: to elaborate from 3D diagrams supplied by a projector a detailed plan indicating the measurements of the various parts to be machined, as well as the general layout showing how to assemble the machine.

After four years, his competencies and his good interpersonal skills incited him to evolve towards new responsibilities. He decided to resume further-education engineering studies for two years thanks to a DIF (Further Education Plan) and he then came back to Aquarese as a graduate to become a project manager.

“I am currently thinking of the way I could keep enriching the relationship I have developed with my clients. My job is nothing like a compartmentalized one. It lets me meet all the industrial positions, from the manager to the technician (and even the accountant!) at the suppliers’ as well as at the clients’.”


“Never leave a client without having found a solution to their problem!”

Michel applied for a job at Aquarese in 1989. His position as a mechanic led him to discover the Service department, for which he had a passion all along his career. He enjoys the diversity of the missions as well as for the close relationship with clients. He is still there, after more than 25 years! Today, just a few months before he retires, he is ready to transmit his long experience and tells about his career path. 

As a maintenance technician, Michel’s mission is to perform the maintenance operations as perfectly as possible, to fabricate and install the high-pressure components at the clients’. His job consist in training people to maintain either the machines installed at the clients’ or with new collaborators at Aquarese. He carries out the maintenance of all high-pressure equipment and the manufacturing and installation of special components.

His mission is anything but routine and has made him take up many challenges, particularly in the Defense and Nuclear fields… What he mentions as his best professional memory is: “Being close to clients and a spirit of adventure, with interventions on navy submarines being maintained, for instance, or in the course of dismantling operations on a nuclear site!”

Today, Michel is gradually preparing for his retirement, sharing his experience with younger technicians and clients. He hopes to get the opportunity to be back sometimes to provide his assistance or advice to those who will carry on writing Aquarese’s history after him.

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