Turbine Components Machining

Waterjet Machining of Turbine Components

The Aerospace industry, and specifically the commercial jet engine industry, require use of advanced materials such as Titanium, Titanium Aluminide, Inconel, Stainless Steel, and Composites. High volumes of these traditionally difficult to machine materials are processed day in and day out. Hard tools and other technologies such as laser and EDM have significant drawbacks when it comes to processing turbine components. Ultrahigh-pressure waterjet is fast becoming the preferred processing solution.

Ultrahigh-Pressure Waterjet Machining

Ultrahigh-pressure waterjets process hard to cut materials, at the specific geometries needed for turbine components (and more) with ease. Waterjets cut without any heat or stress, so your part doesn’t incur a Heat Affected Zone (HAZ). No load or stress is imparted into your cut part, allowing it to retain structural integrity. Waterjet is capable of cutting high thickness (12” / 300 mm), and to fine geometry (radius < 0.04” / 1 mm).

The Aquarese WJM solution produces parts faster than rough milling, EDM, and laser, all with a satin smooth edge directly off the table. It’s capable of 3D cutting and high precision nesting, allowing large offcuts to be recyclable at much higher value, and overall better material utilization.

Cutting & Rough Machining

Waterjet Drilling

Ultimate Versatility


3D Capable

High Material Utilization

No Heat Affected Zone

Improve your machining of turbine components with waterjet.

Aquarese is proud to be a Shape Technologies Group company, partnering with the world leaders in UHP technology to engineer and deliver the future of manufacturing process solutions.