Forging Productivity with Waterjet

Forging is widely used to manufacture high-strength metal parts such as turbine blades or landing gears. The forging process generates a burr (also called flash) – excess material that needs to be removed to obtain the final shape of the part.

For parts made of titanium or other super alloys, this de-flashing operation can become a real challenge, especially with the increasing need for safety and automation. The Aquarese WJM and other advanced waterjet cutting solutions, including adaptive cutting features, precisely trim burrs, producing a part very close to net shape. This process eliminates or minimizes cumbersome additional finishing operations, like grinding.

No matter the material, the thickness, or the shape of the part, waterjet Liquid Force™ is the most versatile cutting tool for this post-forging operation.

In addition to de-flashing, waterjet can be used during the forging process to remove remaining forging lubricants and so-called “alpha-case” surface contamination. As an alternative to chemical baths, the Aquarese WJS is a proven environmental-friendly waterjet stripping solution to remove these residues yet without damaging the base material.

Waterjet Advances Forging

Waterjet is a preferred solution for not only removing burr and flash from materials, but also for removing forging lubricants that are essential to the forging process. Waterjet technology has helped advance the Forging industry, by increasing productivity and nearly eliminating cumbersome additional material processing.

Deflashing for Forges

Waterjet Stripping for Forges


Cold Cutting Process (No heat affected zone)



Environmentally Friendly

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