Forging Productivity with Waterjet

In the semiconductor wafer fabrication process, deposition methods such as PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition), ECD (Electrochemical Deposition), ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) are utilized to build-up different materials, like tungsten, titanium, and copper, onto the wafer.

Within the process chamber where these processes take place, the components that hold the wafer during fabrication (shields, collimators, and clamping rings, for example), experience product build-up. These deposits need to be removed from the process chamber components during the refurbishment process.

Ultrahigh Pressure Waterjet Cleaning

Aquarese’s CSC – semicon cleaning system – enables reliable and cost-effective removal of these deposits.
Ultrahigh pressure waterjet cleaning is an innovative & eco-friendly method to remove tough deposits from any process chamber component regardless of the material.

Waterjet Cleaning for SemiCon




Cost Effective

Aquarese is proud to be a Shape Technologies Group company, partnering with the world leaders in UHP technology to engineer and deliver the future of manufacturing process solutions.